NLR Amsterdam
Anthony Fokkerweg 2
1059 CM Amsterdam
The Netherlands

P.O. Box 90502
1006 BM Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 88 511 3113
Fax: +31 88 511 3210

Travel directions NLR Amsterdam

NLR Marknesse (FL)
Voorsterweg 31
8316 PR Marknesse
The Netherlands

P.O.Box 153
8300 AD Emmeloord
The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 88 511 4444
Fax: +31 88 511 4210

Travel directions NLR Marknesse

NLR Schiphol
Hangar 2
Thermiekstraat 158
1117 BG Schiphol-Oost
The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 88 511 3113
Fax.: +31 88 311 3210

Road closures and diversions

Attention: traffic hindrance to NLR Amsterdam due to major works to A10 highway (24 July to 4 September 2017)
Road users to NLR Amsterdam offices will be faced with road closures and diversions. The A10 West is to be closed off in a southbound direction for the first 3 weeks, with the motorway to be closed in the other direction the following 3 weeks. Road users should take into account there may be diversions and that this may add 30 minutes to their journey. All through traffic is to be diverted via the A5, A9, A4 and A10 Noord.

For more information visit the website of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment
Map with road closures and diversions 24 July to 13 August
Map with road closures 14 Augustus to 4 September

Visitors ID

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